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The fastest and simplest movable wall on the market

The partitioning and organization of rooms needs to be quick, easy and clean. With our movable wall system, you can manipulate big or smaller areas so that you can create the ideal space you need, wherever you want!


Whether it is a gallery, museum, retail space, office, home-office or unfinished basement. There is no need to hire a third person to set up since you don’t need any major tools or permits. These modular and movable walls partitions are made for you to ease the assembly and to set up many linear meters in a short time. Reuse the walls again and again for small projects or an entire exhibit. 

Movable walls for immediate use

Fast assembly, immediate use. Our laminate coated modular walls can be used immediately. Simply place the elements next to each other. The special panel connector clamps and pulls the modules tightly together.



A slight 45° turn of the bolt with a wrench is all that is needed to create a stable connection. By aligning and connecting the movable wall elements, you can assemble and disassemble many linear meters within a short time.



This way you can proceed as long as you like until your wall is erected. You can cover several linear meters in a short time. The disassembly is just as quick and practical.

Reusable for many times

Multiply reusable. Here today, there tomorrow. The movable partitions wall system adapts to your requirements. There are no limits to your creativity.



Whether you want to create additional space or separate an area, you can always use the panels where they are needed. Universal and flexible, you can use the walls as often as you like. This means that your investment will pay for itself from the very first use.



So you achieve two tasks with one smart decision: you protect the environment and your wallet.

Sustainable wall partitions

Environmentally friendly, made from recyclable materials.

Dirt, dust and waste are unknown with this product.



Environmentally friendly, packed in a safe transport box or on a stackable steel pallet, there is hardly any packaging waste. A clean solution for assembly and dismantling.



Thanks to the sustainable and renewable materials it is also a role model in reducing a carbon footprint.


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Modular walls for offices

To work in an efficient and productive way, a quiet environment is essential. It is an advantage to be able to separate individual areas with a movable partition wall, particularly in regular size and open-plan offices.


The modular panels offer efficient privacy as well as a sound-absorbing feature so that you are not affected by the surrounding noise. 

The partition wall system can be used both temporarily and long-term or, if required, it is possible to set it up at another location in a very short time. 


Easy room partitioning
Lighting elements and cabling can be installed
Acoustic wall available if needed


We would be happy to help you work out a concept for your project.

Movable walls for your Home Office


Working from home has become a normality. Many people also organize their meetings at home via video conferencing.


With the modular walls, you can set up your home office in a very short time, from which you can work in full concentration.


If you don't want to give any insight into your private rooms during a videoconference, the easily adjustable panels offer you the ideal neutral background.

Wall partitions for treatment facilities

With a modular wall, you have many options for creating temporary treatment areas in your practice.


The movable walls are also suitable to set up temporary COVID test centers!


Whether for massages, physiotherapy or general treatments, you can set up new rooms in a short time.


Of course, the lightweight panels are also suitable for beauty and cosmetic studios.

Movable walls for construction works

The movable walls partition has already been established for temporary partitioning of reconstruction work.

The panels offer a number of advantages over the conventional system:


the partition is ready for use in just a few steps and dangerous areas can be quickly separated. Due to the equally quick disassembly, the modular walls can easily be reused several times.



The panels provide visual protection and have no negative impact on the overall image, and passenger traffic is not affected.



Finally, the partition wall is ideal as an advertising medium and can be covered with individual self-adhesive foils.

All your advantages with the mobile room dividers at a glance

  • Movable walls in various heights and widths
  • Easy and fast assembly and disassembly
  • Multiple reuse
  • Clean solution without waste
  • Sustainable and ecological materials
  • Time and money saving product
  • No previous knowledge for handling necessary
  • Surfaces can be covered with adhesive foils (potential advertising space)
  • Construction in different angles and radii possible
  • Door and window elements can be implemented
  • Cabling, ventilation, lighting elements can be integrated
  • Noise insolation possible

See it for yourself!

Whether you need movable partitions for offices, for open-plan offices, movable walls for construction sites or museums. With this product there are no limits.
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